Bad foods to avoid when using HCG drops

Are you starting to take the HCG drops and are unsure of what foods to stay away from? Here are some helpful foods to avoid in your diet plan so that you can achieve your maximum goal in weight loss. But you need to consider these foods to burn your fat.

For your body to reach its potential goal weight you must take in enough calories for your body to stay burning and not go into starvation mode. By eating the right amount of calories your body’s metabolism rises to the level of fat burning as quick as possible. Using the best HCG drops in addition to diet change, it will release the natural hormone to keep your metabolism on a steady pace. So when you eat the wrong foods it reverses the progress your body is trying to make. Some foods will actually damage your weight loss results by slowing down your metabolism because it takes more energy for your body to break down. The HCG drops release the natural hormone to speed your metabolism but you have to watch what you eat so you can drop the weight fast.

Meats– You can eat meat but make sure it is from the leanest cuts. You should avoid any fatty meats and cut the fat away. Eating too much red meat can add the pounds back on.

Vegetables– Vegetables are great for aiding in weight loss. You will want to avoid vegetables that are high in carbohydrates such as corn, potatoes or rice.

Drinks-Caffeinated drinks are not recommended. Do not drink diet drinks either. Alcohol is not wise to drink when taking HCG drops for weight loss.

Fruits– Some fruits are high in carbohydrates. Also they can be high with natural sugars. Eating fruit like mangos, blackberries, and raspberries can have a negative effect on the body when trying to lose weight.